Wednesday, March 19, 2014


i'm back. at least- i'm going to try to be.
our sweet girl is already 10 months old- i can't even believe it has gone by so fast!!
as we are staying busy chasing her down, planning for her first birthday, and enjoying being a family of three, i want to soak up these days. so many sweet moments that i never want to forget and yet already am forgetting. and so i return to this blog. this space to capture the silly, the small, the significant. i want to write down - type out - each sweet thing. each milestone. each cute moment. each struggle. each step. ok, maybe not each- but the ones i've determined are important.
so many things to catch up on before her first birthday- that's my goal. it's lofty, but she's worth it.

being a parent has been completely different than i thought it would be. much better. much harder. much easier. even though we are just 10 months in, i feel as though i have already learned so much. grown so much. loved so much.

amelia is the sweetest thing. she loves to share her goldfish, tickle our belly buttons, smile a smile that will melt even the coldest of hearts, and say "ooooo pretty." she can crawl and stand and wave bye and kiss and she takes such good care of her "baby." she loves barney and curious george, she reads herself books to pass the time, and she like her snacks to stay in separate piles. she drinks water out of her sippy cup and sometimes sneaks bites of cake from her gracie's plate. she loves to stand at the glass door in the garage at my parents and yell at jack ("sit!" she commands- and he listens) and she loves to facetime with her daddy while he's at work. she yells bye for a good 2 minutes anytime we leave somewhere- and she gives the best snuggles. oh, they are the best. she'll eat anything- and a lot of it- and when she gets excited, she gets "happy feet" as well call them. we love her so much.

and so, we return. i return. to capture all these sweet things, all the challenges we encounter as we strive to help mold her into a godly young woman. it truly is a life with joie.

our sweet girl